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  • The mountains have forever held an exalted place in the human mind and spirit. There’s something about their magnitude and vastness that draws us to them. To test ourselves against the ruggedness of the outdoors. To find restoration and comfort. For some of us, to call home.


    The same can be said for water. The tranquility of the mountain river creating an indescribable sense of calm. A pristine expanse of crystal clear blue reflecting a cloudless sky, allowing us to retreat from the chaos of life and focus on what makes us whole.


    It is rare to find a place where both the mountains and water come together, creating an ecosystem of restoration, rejuvenation and unrivaled adventure. Where trickling mountain runoff lulls us to sleep at night. And golden rays greet us each morning as they bounce off towering granite peaks above.


    This is that place.


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    39°38'01.5"N 106°31'34.1"W